I’ve been out of it.


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I have been off my game for over a month. I fell on the first of August. I blacked both eyes, my forehead, my checks, cut my nose, and maybe even broke it. I have been to the doctor because one of my other doctors insisted. Nothing inside the head. Now I have a knot on my forehead that matches the one on the other side. I have started a new medication so my lower back is not as painful. At least I am able to do more housework.

Yesterday I swept the formal dining, entrance to the house, the living room, the breakfast area, the hallway, and the hall bathroom. Then I moped part of the hallway and the kitchen. Today I cleaned the master bath & scrubbed the shower. I took down the shower curtain and the liner along with the mat to wash. That is all done and the shower curtain and liner hung. I swept the master bath and the master bedroom. I really should dust but I hate that job.

I have been doing a little shopping for my dolls. My granddaughter has been really busy. She has made two doll beds, a shower for herself, and one for a friend.

When I was a Staple’s Friday I found some stick on gems to send to her. She is so talented.

She has also acquired Saige. Now I only have the mini Saige and lots of other mini dolls. I have been carrying Saige, Molly, and/or Julie with me in my purse pocket. Now I want to make some clothes for them.

I have been knitting a scarf for my Christmas stash. I have been buying for Christmas since January. I have my granddaughters gifts, my oldest grandson’s birthday gift, (he has a December birthday like his mom), and a stash of things I need to go through to see if I have anything else hidden that I forgotten.

I have been looking at patterns and have been planning out tutus for the dolls. I want to make a couple of Halloween ones and a couple of Halloween dresses. I also need to make at least two cheerleading uniforms for my granddaughters. I have the fabric, I just need to cut out the dresses and cheerleading outfits and sit down to sew.

It is tough because I need to do things outside to ready the flower beds for winter since I neglected them this summer. I still need to separate bulbs for the winter, and I still have to do housework, laundry, and take care of my youngest grandchild every other weekend.

Now I am going to really get busy. I love to sew and I want to make something for a store I do business with to display during the Texas State Fair. I don’t know if I will go or not. I need more than one day to visit because of my limitations of walking.

That is about it for now. I hope to post more regularly now that I am feeling like I did three years ago. I only have to get my energy back.


I am going to post some pictures of my dolls.