MiMi Sharon

I am a middle aged mom of four. I have two biological children a boy and a girl. I have a step daughter and a foster daughter. I have eight grandchildren. The oldest is 21 and the youngest is fourteen months old.

I have never seen the youngest as my foster daughter and her sweet husband are in Maryland. I am in Texas. My step daughter is in Vermont with her husband of many years and the two boys. Her youngest is engaged. I have no idea when the wedding is or if it has taken place. My husband never remembers to ask her the important things.

My daughter is married and has three children and my son is single with one child. The four of them keep me busy. I usually go to stay with my daughter’s children at least once a year. This year has been the exception. I have missed my time with them, but they did come for the summer for awhile. They stayed with me and my parents. I already had my four year old grandson so I was busy, busy, busy. I love spending time with them but they are a busy bunch.

My husband spends his time doing genealogy and working in our gardens raising vegetables for our pantry. We dry, freeze, and can our produce.

I sew, knit, crochet, hand and machine embroider, cross stitch, and quilt. I also collect quilts, dolls, camels, Santa, and Snowmen. I like to scrapbook and make my own stamps. I have a passion for gadgets for my hobbies, fabric, and yarn. It is cheaper than therapy, but I do have a lot invested in my stash.

I do share my stash. Some of my stash is in a friends hair styling shop on the chairs, on pillows, and where every else they chose to use it. Some of my stash is in my next to the oldest great nephew’s room. So I do share.

Christmas is my favorite holiday.


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